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Missing Impact v Revolution

A dear friend invited me weeks ago to join her at the Corona for Steve Earle. I really like Steve Earle and look forward to my first visit to the Corona. Yet it’s killing me to miss the game tonight, which I normally watch with two of my pals at Bar Frappe on St. Laurent. Not a place I frequent normally, but it’s great for the Impact away games with a solid bunch of Impact supporters from UM02. This is the first game I’ve missed since missing the season opener. I hope it will be the last!

As for the game, I feel the Impact now have everything in place to be in the playoffs and will beat New England tonight. Ricketts was the weakest link, being poor in the air and lacking command of his area and just generally making me more prone to heart attacks. I’m encouraged by everything I’m hearing about our new goalie. Good luck with your new club, Mr. Perkins! I’m sure you’ll enjoy Montreal and that you and Nesta will work well together sorting out our defensive problems.

I’ll predict a 3-1 win for the Impact.

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